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Money & Wealth

An easy-to-read biblical expose' on the problems plaguing the world financial system and how to overcome today's economic crises. It also provides fresh prophetic insight concerning: View Resource


Dear Pastor Norm,

"Thank you so much for all your amazing teachings. You helped us get a strong foundation in the Lord that I don't think we could have gotten any other way."

Carson & Melissa
Wichita, KS

Globalism and The
Mystery of Babylon

Scripture teaches that the political, financial and spiritual mysteries of ancient Babylon reemerge in the last days to form a tyrannical world system that enslaves mankind.

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Thanks Norm,

"Glory to God, we could not stop watching the "Jezebel in the Marketplace" DVD. We are so moved by this, that we are going to start a teaching series very soon on this. I will be in touch about a workshop and more materials. God bless your gift to the body!!!."

Pastor Herbert N. Trotter II
Holy Nation Ministries

T. G. I. S.
Thank God it's Shabbat

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God's Plan
of Salvation

"After he brought them out,
he said, "Sirs, what must
I do to be saved?""

- Acts 16:30
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Restoring God's Sabbaths

"But as for you, speak to the sons of Israel, saying, 'You shall surely observe My Sabbaths; for this is a sign
between Me and you..."

- Exodus 31:13 NAS
God's appointed times, especially His Sabbaths, have always served as a sign
that identifies His people and separates them from the secular/pagan world.

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A Prophetic Word

"Next Major Shaking
is at Hand"

2010 Prophecy that is currently coming to pass
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Mark of the Beast

Implantable Biochip Technology is being implemented today
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Ordo Ab Chao
Order Out of Chaos

"The wicked plots against
the righteous, and gnashes
at him with his teeth."

- Psalms 37:12 NAS
This exciting study will help you read between the lines of today's headlines and discern the plans of the enemy.

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Welcome to Ascension Ministries

A Torah-based prophetic outreach dedicated to ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ from a Hebraic perspective

Spirit and Truth From 
A Hebraic Perspective Spirit and Truth From A Hebraic Perspective New product

When we truly worship something, it affects our entire way of life. To understand how worshipping God (Yahweh) is supposed to affect us, we must recognize that Yeshua taught how God's Spirit and God's Word are the essence of Truth (1 John 5:6; John 17:17).

This series is an exciting revelation of what Yeshua taught about God's Law and how it is the key to worshipping Him in Spirit and Truth. ......View Resource

Blood Moons in 
the Last Days Blood Moons in the Last Days

The term "Blood Moon" (full lunar eclipse) is used to describe the end time biblical narrative in Joel 2:31 and Acts 2:20 that says the moon "will be turned into blood". Four lunar eclipses in a row, separated by six months, is known as a Lunar Tetrad.

From the beginning of the 1st Century (1 A.D.), through the end of the 21st Century (2100 A.D.), there are a total of 62 Blood Moon Tetrads, of which, eight just so happen to fall on the Jewish Feasts of Sukkot & Tabernacles......View Resource

Fall Feasts and the 
Coming of Messiah Eschatology and the End Time Biblical Community

For many, the study of end times (eschatology) can be very confusing, and to some Biblical Communities, it can also be very divisive even causing church splits that end in hurt feelings and broken relationships.

Eschatology and the End Time Biblical Community explores the various end time theologies of the Christian Church in the light of global events and the Hebraic roots of God's Torah..........View Resource

Kingdom Order in 
Family Government Finances in the Biblical Community

As international financial crises push the global community into a New World Economic Order, the body of Messiah must learn how to apply God's financial laws within the end time biblical community.

Finances in the Biblical Community is a prophetic teaching that explains how a functional, New Covenant community consists of more than just Bible studies, prayer meetings and pot luck dinners..........View Resource

Biblical Community 
in the Last Days Biblical Community in the Last Days

As secular nations come together and form a global community to fight Islamic terrorism, international pandemics, financial crises and poverty, they are inadvertently forming the end time New World Order of Mystery Babylon (Rev. 17). Consequently, God's people must also come together in Biblical Community and help each other to live in the New World Order without be of the New World Order (Rev. 18:4)........... View Resource

Biblical Response To 
The New World Order Biblical Response To The New World Order

As continued global crises dictate continued global change, the nations are being forced into a draconian New World Order (NWO). Growing awareness of this worldwide transition, and its role in end time prophecy, has birthed a host of proposed responses in the Judeo-Christian community. Everything from civil uprising and armed revolution to complete pacifism and blind obedience has been offered as ecclesiastical retorts to this advancing beast system......... View Resource

Feasts of the LordFeasts of the Lord
As a way of making His redemptive plan known to mankind, God has established 'appointed times' of celebration that are to be observed as feasts to the Lord. Even though many refer to these celebrations as Jewish feasts, God specifically says that they are set apart as...Read More