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The Spirit of Elijah

"He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to
the churches."
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"In the Last Days, God is
going to shake everything
that can be shaken so that only that which can not be shaken may remain."

- Heb. 12:26
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Entering God's
Sabbath Rest
"There remains therefore
a Sabbath rest for the
people of God"

- Hebrews 4:9
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Mark of the Beast

Implantable Biochip Technology is being implemented today
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The Issachar Economic Model

Although the Joseph model of prosperity helped God's people prosper in Egypt for a season, in the end, they all become slaves to the world system of their day. Likewise, the application of Joseph's financial model today works for a time, but everyone still ends up in slavery to the world's system.

God is currently calling His people to come out of the world (Egypt) and take possession of their Promised Land, which requires a different model. Joshua gives God's new financial model to the children of Israel just before they entered the Land, and the sons of Issachar applied it best.

This in-depth teaching reveals God's unchanging financial laws that govern all economic activity, and how they gave the sons of Issachar an understanding of the times with a knowledge of what to do (1 Chron. 12:32).

The Issachar Economic Model

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