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The Spirit of Elijah

"He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to
the churches."
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"In the Last Days, God is
going to shake everything
that can be shaken so that only that which can not be shaken may remain."

- Heb. 12:26
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Entering God's
Sabbath Rest
"There remains therefore
a Sabbath rest for the
people of God"

- Hebrews 4:9
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Mark of the Beast

Implantable Biochip Technology is being implemented today
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End-Time Famine of God's Word

End Time 
Famine of Gods WordGod's (YHWH's) prophets taught that just prior to Messiah's coming, people would run to-and-fro among the nations seeking a word from God (YAHWEH), but the word they received would not be the word of the Lord. Instead they receive a word appearing to be from God, but inspired by man with no power to overcome the things of this world. The prophets also taught how to hear God's (YHWH's) word during this time of the famine, and how to overcome the deceptive words of men that lead people astray.

End-Time Famine of God's Word

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