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Money and Wealth Updated DVD

This vital economic forum explains the global financial crisis from a biblical perspective and clarifies how believers should prepare for the New World Economic Order.

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The Spirit of Elijah

"He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to
the churches."
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Thanks Norm,

"Glory to God, we could not stop watching the "Jezebel in the Marketplace" DVD. We are so moved by this, that we are going to start a teaching series very soon on this. I will be in touch about a workshop and more materials. God bless your gift to the body!!!."

Pastor Herbert N. Trotter II
Holy Nation Ministries

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"In the Last Days, God is
going to shake everything
that can be shaken so that only that which can not be shaken may remain."

- Heb. 12:26
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Entering God's
Sabbath Rest
"There remains therefore
a Sabbath rest for the
people of God"

- Hebrews 4:9
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Mark of the Beast

Implantable Biochip Technology is being implemented today
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Ordo Ab Chao
Order Out of Chaos

"The wicked plots against
the righteous, and gnashes
at him with his teeth."

- Psalms 37:12 NAS
This exciting study will help you read between the lines of today's headlines and discern the plans of the enemy.

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Dear Pastor Norm,

"Thank you so much for all your amazing teachings. You helped us get a strong foundation in the Lord that I don't think we could have gotten any other way."

Carson & Melissa
Wichita, KS

Free Torah Audio MP3 Downloads

Norm Franz Norm has made these 10 radio interviews available to everyone who can download a file. The various discussions cover much of the material found in many of his teaching resources. This is a great way to preview some of his teachings and see which ones interest you the most.

Note:To listen online: "left-click" on the link. To download and save the MP3 to your computer, "right-click". on the link and select "Save Link As" in Firefox & Google Chrome. In Internet Explorer select "Save Target As". In Safari select "Download Linked File".

Radio Interviews – 8 New – 19 Total

Golden Revelation With Danette Golden

Escape From Freedom Pt 1
With Nadia Shamsedin

Escape From Freedom Pt 2
With Nadia Shamsedin

The Real Estate Bubble Pt 1
with Danette Golden

The Real Estate Bubble Pt 2
with Danette Golden

Lance Lambert's Prophecy
with Sid Roth - Messianic Vision

PFA (Pluck From Air) Banking
with Sid Roth - Messianic Vision

Debt - The New World Order Enslavement Tool
with Sid Roth - Messianic Vision

Money Manipulation Through Dishonest Scales
with Sid Roth - Messianic Vision

Wealth Preservation in the Last Days
with Sid Roth - Messianic Vision

The Global Economic Crisis From
A Biblical Perspective
With Rob Chase - Cut to the Chase

America's Financial Humpty Dumpty
With GeorgeAnn Hughes – TBS 

Apocalypse Now
With GeorgeAnn Hughes – TBS 

The Beginning of the End
With GeorgeAnn Hughes – TBS 

Debt for Equity Swaps
With GeorgeAnn Hughes – TBS 

Financial Armageddon
With GeorgeAnn Hughes – TBS 

The Fourth Seal
With GeorgeAnn Hughes – TBS 

The World Wide Financial Collapse
With GeorgeAnn Hughes – TBS 

The World in Transition
With GeorgeAnn Hughes – TBS 

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