Spiritual Deception

Jezebel in the Marketplace

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This prophetic teaching uncovers the genesis of the demonic personality known as Jezebel and reveals how this spiritual principality uses the world's financial system to control the nations.

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The Light that is Dark

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The Mystery of Christmas

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The Wheat and Tares
of American Politics

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This two part teaching uses unbiased American history and special graphics to identify "The Wheat and the Tares of American Politics". It also provides a biblical model for voting in the last days, so that you can properly express your faith at the polls.

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The Spirit of Jezebel

"But I have this against you, that you tolerate the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, and she teaches and leads My bond-servants astray, so that they commit acts of immorality and eat things sacrificed to idols".
- Revelation 2:20

In His message to the church of Thyatira, Yeshua (Jesus) praised them for their love and service and how their works of late where even greater than their earlier works (Rev. 2:18-19). It was an affirmation that I believe applies to the born again church throughout the ages up to and including today. However, in the above Scripture verse, once Yeshua (Jesus) has praised them for their good works, He also rebukes them for allowing Jezebel to teach her pagan doctrines among the body.

Most theologians acknowledge that this Jezebel probably referred to an individual woman within the congregation. And whether Jezebel was her real name or a just a symbolic name given to her by Yeshua (Jesus), there is a striking association to the demonic principality (spirit) of Queen Jezebel in 1st and 2nd Kings.

Jezebel's teachings were the same as Balaam and the Nicolaitans which were also being taught in the church of Pergamos (Rev. 2:14-15). They were a hodgepodge of Gnostic antinomianism which taught that, once a person was forgiven and saved by grace through faith in the atoning blood of Yeshua (Jesus), they could continue to live licentious lives in disobedience to God's Commandments. In other words, because they were under grace they didn't have to obey God's Laws. This theology allowed them to celebrate pagan holidays and eat at their feast tables, which Paul described as eating and drinking at the "table of demons" (1 Cor. 10:20-21).

Thyatira's Economic Base

The fact that this admonition was directed at the church of Thyatira has great financial significance as well. Thyatira was a commercial center that harbored numerous trade guilds and labor unions. Naturally their economic engine was commerce, but part of the fuel that made the engine go was their pagan holidays and the feasts that surrounded them:

"Although never a large city, Thyatira was a thriving manufacturing and commercial center during New Testament times. Archaeologists have uncovered evidence of many trade guilds and unions here. Membership in these trade guilds, necessary for financial and social success, often involved pagan customs and practices such as superstitious worship, union feasts using food sacrificed to pagan gods, and loose sexual morality."

In other words, the purchase of food, gifts, decorations, and pagan idols needed to keep these feasts actually served to stimulate the economy. Since this activity created prosperity for everyone, social acceptance and advancement revolved around eating at these pagan tables and participating in the superstitious holidays surrounding them.

To first century believers in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus), eating food that had been sacrificed (prepared) for the celebration of pagan gods was considered spiritual fornication. Consequently, it must be understood that, when God admonishes His people about "committing acts of fornication and eating things sacrificed to idols", He is commanding us not to observe pagan holidays by eating at their feast tables.

Jezebel's Heritage

In order to fully understand what Jezebel was teaching in the church of Thyatira, and how that spirit is manifesting in the church today, we must go back and explore Jezebel's heritage. It was a history dominated by her father Ethbaal and the city gods of Sidon and Tyre.

Ethbaal means "with Baal", and history records that he was both the king of Sidon and the high priest of Astarte (a.k.a. Asherah), who the Sidonians worshipped.1 In his quest to finance his pagan practices, he sought the lucrative markets of the seaport city of Tyre. To gain political control, Ethbaal kills King Pheles of Tyre, who was also his brother. Once he became king of Tyre, it appears that he also became high priest of Baal, who the Tyrians worshipped.

At this point, Ethbaal not only brought Baal and Asherah together as father and mother gods of creation, but he brought money and politics together under the pantheistic roof of Baal and Asherah worship. This was the legacy that Jezebel inherited from her father, which is why the prophets of Baal and Asherah ate at her table (1 Kgs. 18:19).

The Mystery of Babylon

It's important to note that the integration of money and politics under the banner of Baal and Asherah worship did not originate in Phoenicia, but in Babylon. For example, Asherah is simply the Phoenician version of Babylon's High-Mother-Goddess Ishtar.

In Babylon she was known as "The Lightbringer" as well as "She who begets all." She was considered the goddess of fertility, sensuality, love and war. Ancient Babylonian scriptures call her the "Light of the World", "Torch of Heaven and Earth", "Exalted Light of Heaven", "Leader of Hosts", "Opener of the Womb", "Righteous Judge and Lawgiver", "Guardian of the Law", "Framer of All Decrees (Constitutions)", and "Forgiver of Sins". According to an old Babylonian text, Ishtar makes this declaration about herself:

"Bigger than the mountains am I.
The Empress of the gods am I.
The Queen of heaven am I.
The earth's mistress am I."

Ishtar, disguised as Ashtoreth, is the same "queen of heaven" that King Solomon's wives seduced Israel with (1 Kgs. 11:4-6). Israel's fornication with Ashtoreth (Asherah) played a significant role in dividing Solomon's kingdom into the northern Kingdom of Israel and the southern Kingdom of Judah.

Judah fell into pagan forms of worship to the "queen of heaven" in much the same manner that the church has today:

"The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead dough to make cakes for the queen of heaven [Ishtar]; and they pour out libations to other gods in order to spite Me." (Jeremiah 7:18 NAS)

In other words, Judah baked special cakes (buns) as part of their worship to the "queen of heaven" (Ishtar) in much the same manner that the church bakes Hot Cross buns to the fertility goddess "Eostre" during today's Easter (Ishtar) celebration.

It's important to note that Israel observed the feasts of Baal and Asherah religiously under Ahab and Jezebel's political rule. So when we see the prophets of Baal and Asherah eating at Jezebel's table, it tells us that pagan beliefs played a central role in setting political policies.

Jezebel Controls Governments

This seducing Jezebel spirit has always used forms of Baal and Asherah worship to control national politics. It is the same controlling and manipulating spirit that has influenced the political policies of every earthly government down to this very day. For example, in ancient Egypt, Ishtar manifested as Isis (right) and was worshipped by her kings and pharaohs. These political leaders set government policy according to the values and superstitions of this pagan goddess.

In Greece, Ishtar became Athena (below), who was worshipped by the country as a whole, including her kings and government officials. In Rome, she was Minerva whose statue (below right) was displayed in government buildings, and whose religious doctrines played a significant role in establishing government laws and policies.

In Washington D.C. Ishtar appears as the freedom goddess atop the U.S. Capitol building (below). Her American name is "Columbia" and her political domain is the "District of Columbia".

Unfortunately, her pagan doctrines continue to influence our laws and government policies in a way that is leading our nation and the nations of the world away from the commandments of God.

Jezebel and the Mystery of Babylon

The spirit of Jezebel is obviously much older than her name sake "Queen Jezebel" of the Tanakh (Old Testament). This unholy principality is the ultimate seducing spirit, and her job is to teach doctrines of demons that are based on the deep things of Satan (1 Tim. 4:1; Rev. 2:24). Jezebel's strategy is to deceive the nations into sitting down at her table and to eat with the demon gods of Baal and Asherah. Jezebel is also the spirit behind the woman on the beast, and she is charged with propagating the financial, political, and religious Mysteries of Babylon that ultimately enslave the nations under the rule of antichrist. To this end, she has effectively seduced every earthly empire since Nimrod, and she is presently raising up Mystery Babylon of the last days before our very eyes without us even realizing it.

Jezebel in the Church

I think it is clear that the spirit of Jezebel did not originate in the church, but in the world. Unfortunately, most Christian leaders only address Jezebel's surface manifestations of control, manipulation, rebellion, subversion, slander, gossip, claiming to be a prophetess, and so on. If they fail to expose the roots of this spiritual stronghold, they will never understand how she got into the church in the first place, or why she keeps coming back.

As long as Jezebel can keep us ignorant about the true foundations of the church, she can continue to wreak havoc among believers. For "If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?" (Pr. 11:3). This is why it is imperative that we expose the demonic doctrines of Jezebel and how they have come to permeate every area of today's society. As we use the light of God's Torah to expose the roots of the Jezebel spirit, we will not only rediscover our true foundation in Messiah, but we will also be equipped to throw Jezebel from the balcony of our lives. Only then will we receive authority to rule over the nations (Rev. 2:26-28).

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