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The Spirit of Elijah

"He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to
the churches."
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"In the Last Days, God is
going to shake everything
that can be shaken so that only that which can not be shaken may remain."

- Heb. 12:26
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Entering God's
Sabbath Rest
"There remains therefore
a Sabbath rest for the
people of God"

- Hebrews 4:9
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Mark of the Beast

Implantable Biochip Technology is being implemented today
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The Wheat and Tares of American Politics

The Mark of God "A wise man's heart directs him toward the right, but the foolish man's heart directs him toward the left."

- Ecclesiastes 10:2 NAS

God's Word clearly defines the moral foundations of conservative right vs. liberal left politics. In a democratic society like America, these are the political wheat and tares that battle for control of a nation by winning the vote of its people. This two part teaching uses unbiased American history and special graphics to identify "The Wheat and the Tares of American Politics". It also provides a biblical model for voting in the last days, so that you can properly express your faith at the polls.

The Wheat and Tares of American Politics

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